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Client Service Manager


New York, NY (On-Site 4 days/week)


  • Onboard key accounts and manage client transition and staffing timeline.
  • Create strong client relationships and assess correct staff requirements.
  • Coordinate with temp ops team on staffing needs, levels, and job descriptions as well as culture fit and environment to ensure effective recruitment by the team.
  • Prioritize daily needs of new and existing clients.
  • Train and help to hone recruitment team members’ understanding of each account.
  • Communicate daily/weekly with clients on account status and updates.
  • Manage time to fill effectively and set client expectations according to the difficulty of skills and experience.
  • Work with team leadership to standardize scheduling and recruitment process.
  • Create strong client relationships and entertain clients according to needs and account revenue.
  • Create a strong candidate referral pipeline.


  • Manage $1-2 million desk first year.
  • Manage $2-3 million++ desk years 2 and on
    Ultimately manage primarily key accounts with potential revenue of $500,000 or more.
  • Monthly strategy sessions with ownership on account growth
    Quarterly service reviews with the client team and FS leadership for all key accounts.

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